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New Curate's Ordination and Welcome

19 June 2021 21:00

We are pleased to be welcoming the Revd Wendy Norris as our new assistant curate in Haverhill and Withersfield. She will be ordained as a deacon in St Edmundsbury Cathedral on Saturday 3rd July, the feast of St Thomas the Apostle, at 11am. The vicar will be attending, but unfortunately there are a limited number of seats available, which will go to Wendy's close friends and family.

You are able to join the service via the Cathedral's Facebook page, and your prayers and support would be very much appreciated.

We will then be able to welcome Wendy on Sunday 4th July at our morning services at Haverhill and Withersfield. There will also be a chance to meet her over lunch in Haverhill churchyard to which all are welcome. Please bring your own picnic - we can provide hot drinks and seats. This will be held from 1pm until 3pm, finishing in time for our healing service at 4pm.

What is the difference between a deacon and curate?

Ordination is a sacrament, not unlike confirmation or marriage, that changes who you are as a person and how you relate to the church and to other people. People are ordained deacons, many are then ordained priests and some go on to be ordained bishops. That status remains with you, whatever role or job you end up doing, and whether you work directly for the church or act as a volunteer.

The role of a deacon is one of serving others, teaching and preaching the Gospel, and encouraging and nurturing others in their faith. Jesus acted as a deacon when he washed the feet of his disciples and taught them about the sort of God he wanted them to believe in: one who would relieve and soothe them in their suffering. He encouraged us to do the same for one another.

Deacons, priests and bishops fulfill their calling in a variety of ways, and can take a variety of jobs. Some might be vicars and lead a parish church or group of churches. They are often helped by an assistant curate: one who shares in the cure or care of the people of the parish.

So a deacon is a type of person within the church, a status that a person holds; while a curate is the job a person does.